Shawls have been an opportunity to try out some interesting lace stitches.  The one thing I’ve really learnt when knitting shawls is the importance of putting in a lifeline when you’re knitting!  If you’re doing lots of yarn overs etc it’s extremely easy to drop a stitch somewhere along the way and it can be a nightmare to get your knitting right again.  Using a lifeline helps you to have a line so that if you need to unravel your knitting you can do so without fear!  Another thing I would recommend when doing lace stitches is to use small rings to mark every repeat of a lace pattern so you can quickly identify where you made the mistake.  I use very fine rings so that they don’t affect the knitting by causing a laddering effect which can happen if you use larger stitch markers.  The ones I particularly like for fine work are the small metal rings you can find in shops like Loop London knitting shop in London.  Blocking is essential for lace work so that the intricate stitches can really be seen at their very best.  I do this by carefully pinning out the finished knitting on foam play squares then spraying the knitting with cold water and leaving it to dry completely before removing the pins and viola!

This is the latest shawl, it took quite a while to make and although not that tricky in itself the edging had a yarn over stitch which, when you were knitting the bobbles could quite easily be lost!

Each point on the shawl was carefully pinned out to make it pointed.

I don’t make jumpers very often as I’m not very good at choosing designs or colours that suit me in the end but here are a few that I’ve made . . . .

This is the latest jumper I’ve made, I really like the cowl neck on it and it’s incredibly soft next to my skin so no itchy and scratchy annoyance!

The colour of the jumper is more accurate in the photograph below.

This is a sari style wrap over cardigan that is very soft and easy to wear.

This jumper definitely suits Mila more than me!