New sock . . . I’m actually making some his and her’s sock . . . I’ve made the socks for my sister first (and it’ll probably take me quite a while to complete Pal’s socks between working, knitting the new Mystery Blanket and the busyness of life)! 

Here’s my sister, modelling her new socks.  I used a very clever patterning sock yarn called Schachenmayr Regia designed by Arne and Carlos – I took a little bit of time to ensure that each sock was started at the same point of the yarn pattern repeat so that they would be matching . . . I’m really pleased with the result.  I also used a new cast on which results in an incredibly stretchy cuff – Tillybuddy’s Very Stretchy Cast On.  The pattern is lovely to use as there’s a simple twisted stitch which adds a bit of interest without interfering with the pattern of the yarn.  The pattern is by Sharon Sutherland and I’m not sure where I found the pattern – maybe Pinterest?

There’s something quite appealing about making your own socks and gloves and they’re useful!

I’m just knitting another pair of socks and I’m loving the new cast on I’m using it’s so stretchy yet keeps its shape, so not at all baggy – perfect!  It’s called ‘Tillybuddy’s Very Stretchy Cast On’ the book I’m using, ‘Cast On Bind Off’ by Leslie Ann Bestor says that this cast on for ribbed edges needing stretch was thought up by Jane Pimlott known as Tillybuddy on Ravelry, the online knitting community.  As Leslie describes it, ‘The edge follows the zigzag line of the rib stitches and springs back to shape beautifully’ – and it does . . . photos to follow when I’ve finished – it might take a while as there seems to be a lot going on at the moment and definitely not enough knitting time!

I love the detailing on these socks . . . 

I like this style of heel – it looks quite like the heel on socks you buy and it’s surprisingly easy to do.  I discovered it when I was reading articles about sock knitting and then found the pattern on Ravelry – I can’t remember exactly what the issue was but there was some difficulty about purchasing it in England for some reason – I went on a forum and low and behold someone in America that I don’t even know ‘gifted’ it to me – can you believe it!  People are so kind.  Anyway, the heel pattern in question is called, ‘Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist.  I use the pattern a lot – so thank you again!

I made these walking socks for Pal, they’re very toasty as they use two strands of the Rowan sock yarn held together and they also have a more traditional, very hard wearing heal design.  (I have put a ‘Sock Blocker’ in the sock which accounts for the strange shape at the top of the sock)!

I love the Fairisle design on these socks.  These socks were knitted toe up but I found the casting off of the cuff dissatisfying as I couldn’t get it to be as stretchy as I like – the result either looked too baggy or too tight for my liking so in future I’ll stick to casting on for the cuff as I use a ‘Double Start Cast On’ which, for me seems to have the perfect edging being very stretchy but neat and not at all baggy!