Helm Crag – (201) Central Fells

Wainwright 201 – Book 3 ‘The Central Fells’

Height: 1,329ft – 405m

Grid reference: NY 327 093 




Walks Including Helm Crag:

13.8.14 – Helm Crag from Grasmere – ‘The Lion and The Lamb’.

Helm Crag from Grasmere.

Helm Crag and on the far right the slopes of Seat Sandal from Allan Bank – Grasmere on our way up to Silver How.

A panorama of the same scene as above, further to the right.

A close up of Helm Crag from the route up to Silver How.

Even closer now . . . on the left you can see the rocks at the north-west end of the summit ridge of Helm Crag known as The Howitzer, Lion Couchant, Old Woman etc.. Then on the right – at the south – east end of the summit ridge the rocks form the official Lion and the Lamb (photo taken from the route up to Silver How).