Cromer – a few days escape from revision! May 2019

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I didn’t think we would be coming this year what with exams looming but . . . it didn’t take much persuasion and the thought of fresh air and a paddle in the sea was too great an opportunity to miss out on . . . Thanks Jane and Jeremy!  I think it did Mila and I the world of good and recharged our batteries!

So we had set off first thing for Cromer on the northern coast of Norfolk – famous as a fishing town and its renowned Cromer crab and of course as a tourist destination with those looking for a traditional seaside holiday.

Time to kick off the shoes and get paddling!

Glorious skies and calm sea first thing in the morning here at Cromer.

What could be a better start to the day!

We’re both so happy to be here . . . 

For quite a while we seem to have the beach all to ourselves.

Mila soaking up the atmosphere . . . 

Unfortunately Mila does have revision to do . . . so while she is working I take the opportunity to take some photographs of the views.

The row of beautifully painted beach huts always make for a good photograph.

The sign on one of the beach huts made me smile . . . shame I don’t know anyone called Mave!

There are quite a few sea defences along the shore which are clearly underwater at high tide since there’s a thick blanket of  olive-brown bladderwrack seaweed – a common seaweed which grows between the high and low water marks.  

As you can see it has these distinctive air bladders which allow the seaweed to float upright  helping them to exchange gases and absorb nutrients underwater.  An interesting bit of information I’ve discovered is that it was once used as a source of iodine to treat goitres – though nowadays you’re more likely to find it in your anti-ageing cream as research has found that it has anti- ageing properties!  Maybe I should be collecting it . . . only kidding!

A quick look back towards the town before I took the steps up to the cliff path above in order to make a circular route.

Lovely views and a short walk back to the town.

As you can see the clouds have quite suddenly appeared . . .  we were lucky to have so much sun earlier on.

This is the view in the other direction and by following the cliff path in under two miles you come to Overstrand (there’s a cafe there so you can always stop off before making the return journey either back along the path or by making it a circular route by walking along the beach).

It definitely feels like it’s time for lunch now!

Always a must . . . the friendly North Lodge Park Tea Rooms can definitely not be missed . . . the  cakes are many and varied but today Mila needed the sugar boost of a chocolate crepe – thoroughly yummy.  I couldn’t resist snaffling a few forkfuls which Mila kindly allowed me.  Our fabulous neighbour Jane often volunteers here but not today . . .  The friendliness of the cafe is however always present and as usual the volunteers lived up to their reputation of providing a warm, inviting and helpful welcome. 

Being half term there were a few families around but not as many as we expected – probably because of the clouds which seemed to come and go – but we didn’t see any rain and the tranquility suited us.

Ominous grey clouds . . . but luckily they came to nothing.

Cromer beach is a mixture of sand and shingle together with some bigger stones as you can see – great for building . . . The Victorian Cromer pier is a grade II listed building and from the look of all the scaffolding is undergoing extensive repairs.  Having looked at the local papers it’s costing £400,000 the repairs being done to the the roof and strengthening the pier underneath though it doesn’t look like it will put a hold on an impressive calendar of events scheduled for the  pavilion throughout the year.

I wonder what was in mind when this shaggy haired sea serpent was created?

This time some of nature’s art . . . beautiful feathery fronds patterning the surface of the sand – made by the retreating tide taking with it the thick patches of seaweed. 

Dramatic skies . . .

The colourful buildings along the prom . . .

. . . Cromer is not just a seaside resort but is also famous for its seafood – in particular the Cromer crab.

Girls just want to have fun . . .

It doesn’t matter how old you are it’s always great fun to chase the waves.

Or just take the time to watch the waves crashing and empty your mind with the white noise . . . 

. . . but not for long . . . it’s too wonderful not to leap with joy.  I can’t believe I managed to capture Mila mid-jump . . . impressive height . . . well I’m impressed!

So much fun . . .

Now for the cartwheels . . . do you think Mila is happy to be here?

A final quiet walk before we head for our favourite place to get fish and chips . . . no visit to the seaside would be complete without it!

Time to hurry along . . . I’m famished.

We had fun watching the seagulls . . . 

They were all lined up but it was funny to watch how the waves came in knocking them off their perches!

Some seem to be saying, ‘I’ve got a high perch . . . I’m alright for now!’

‘Oh no it got me!’

The perfect end to the day . . . we’ve bought our fish and chips at No.1 fish and chip shop on the cliff top – a short walk down the steps to this picnic area and we can soak up the views as we munch away.

The end of a perfect day . . .

Till next time . . . hope it’s soon!